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Rabbi Gadi Levy


Gadi Levy was born and raised in South Africa. His parents were the leaders of the small Jewish community of Germiston. Gadi grew up with a great sense of responsibility to teach and help others along their spiritual journeys.

Gadi received his rabbinical ordination in 2007 in Israel and became a skilled and sought after mohel in 2008. He has performed well over 1500 brisim
In places near and far including Hawaii, Alaska, Mexico, Israel, Canada, and many states within the USA.

When Gadi is not preparing a Torah class for his community or cooking his famous Moroccan fish for our Shabbos guests to enjoy, he is meditating, dreaming of one day running a marathon, or playing pool with his kids. Gadi is a proud father of 6, a supportive husband to his wife Eve (who admittedly often drives him a bit meshuga) and a friend and mentor to many. Along with Eve, Gadi is excited to be a part of the incredible L’Chaim community.