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The space for your Jewish journey

The space for your Jewish journey

The space for your Jewish journey

The Amazing Sukkot Race Image

The Amazing Sukkot Race

SUNDAY 9/26 beginning at 10:00 am Friendly competition, big prizes and a lot of fun! Followed by open house in the Levy’s Sukkah. Grab a sweet treat, shake the Lulav and grab you prize (if you are fast enough!) Registration Required to get the first clue at 10:00 am sharp on 9/26.

We’re so glad you’re here!

We are Rabbi David and Ali Begoun, passionate educators committed to creating a welcoming environment that honors our magnificent Jewish heritage.

What is L’Chaim Center? We are The Space for Your Jewish Journey. We are a warm, spiritual Jewish community. We are a vibrant space where Jews from all backgrounds, ages and stages come to learn, observe, create and celebrate. We truly believe that there is so much more that unites us as Jews than what divides us. From celebrating Shabbat and holidays to Torah study and embracing our rich culture through art, cooking and music, we explore the many ways our heritage is woven into our real lives and relationships.

Building this community is the culmination of our big dream to help Jews embrace their unique Jewish identity, together, as one people. We’ll see you at L’Chaim Center!

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In Loving Memory of Doctor Stuart Rosenbush.

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