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The space for your Jewish journey

The space for your Jewish journey

The space for your Jewish journey

In the past two months, Am Yisrael has weathered unprecedented darkness, facing profound loss, pain, and suffering. However, the essence of Chanukah reminds us that a little light and goodness can dispel even the deepest darkness.

Together, we have succeeded in spreading an incredible amount of light to our soldiers, displaced families, and the communities most profoundly affected. We want to express our heartfelt gratitude to you for being our invaluable partners in this mission. To illustrate the impact of your generous contributions, we’ve prepared an infographic detailing where your much-needed funds have been distributed.

Please take a moment to view the infographic attached and see the tangible difference you’ve made.

On behalf of L’Chaim Center and Go Inspire, we extend warm wishes for an illuminated and joyous Chanukah!

Warm regards,

Rabbi David and Avi Schwartz

In times of trouble with the Jewish Nation of Israel, you can always turn to prayer. Feel free to use these age old words of King David.