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Just a Moment…with Liz Hagen

Shabbat Reflections by Liz Hagen

I loved Shabbat sooo much.  Shared the table with my family, made 2 beautiful challah, put out 4 of my beautiful collection of kiddish cups and other meaningful items to set a gorgeous table. I did fight the urge, repeatedly, to get going on clean up- but I persevered and we stayed at the dinner table for the LONGEST we have ever sat as a family. We laughed- we had time! Loved staying in bed until 9:30!  loved talking to my husband in bed first thing thing in the morning as opposed to grabbing for our phones. Enjoyed a sit down in the shower, sharing a long conversation with/prayer to GOD. (Shower may not be “kosher” place to pray?) Loved reading Torah portions from last week and this week; and reading commentary on most every word-understanding it all from different perspectives.  Loved drawing so many parallels between life today and the Parsha. (Had questions that I couldn’t WRITE down, and now forget/ but oh well…) Loved reading Dvar Torah from Rabbi Sachs and one other (I forgot) and learning new insights on this weeks Parsha.

Loved eating a beautiful salad at lunch and sitting and looking out the window!!! (Always on my phone) Loved looking my kids in the eye the minute they came to me, and not having to delay that a few seconds to finish up what I was doing on my phone.  Took a wonderful long walk with Mark and the dog.  Napped, read a magazine article. Hopped up off the couch at one point to run outside barefoot and great a neighbor passing by-normally wouldn’t have taken that time, or would’ve been busy doing other things. “Made” a Havdallah candle all in my own- without googling how!!! (Put candles in hot water until they softened enough to twist) This prompted a great talk about how life was pre- google.

Loved moving S L O W L Y- having time!

And finally, tuning in to Havdallah last night and reconnecting with so many passionate, wonderful people, and hearing everyone share, was a perfect ending to my amazing Shabbat.

Julie Creinin