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Prayers for our IDF Brothers and Sisters

The words that Moses said to the tribes of Reuven and Gad in this week’s Torah portion are frighteningly relevant to us: “Shall your brothers go out to war while you just sit here?” (Numbers 32:6)

Our soldiers operating in Gaza are the emissaries of all of Am Yisrael.  At the very least, we must pray for their safety. Please take a few minutes over Shabbos and say Psalms 121 and 130 (click here: Tehillim 121 130) and recite this prayer on their behalf (click here: idf prayer). They are endangering their lives on behalf of the entire nation to restore peace and security to Am Yisrael and we must help them by praying for their safety.

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Posted on: Friday, July 18th, 2014

Author: Rabbi David
About: For more and more students in the Chicago area, Rabbi David is like a personal tour guide into the world of Jewish thought. He is passionate about elucidating timeless Jewish texts to the contemporary mind and leading each student on his or her own personal spiritual journey. His inspiring and insightful teaching style, coupled with his sense of humor and warm approach, has attracted hundreds of students since he began teaching on the North Shore 12 years ago. Rabbi David and Ali have five children, and currently reside in West Rogers Park in Chicago.

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