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Biblical Literacy Book Club
Book of Esther One (1/14/2014)

The Art of Jewish Prayer

Introduction, Part 1 (11/27/2012)
Introduction, Part 2 (12/04/2012)
Part 3 (1/8/2013)
Part 4 (1-16-2013)
Part 5- The Messianic Era (1-29-2013)
Part 6- The Messianic Era #2 (2-5-2013)
Part 7- Resurrection of the Dead (2-12-2013)
Part 8 (2-19-2013)
Part 9 (3-19-2013)
Part 10- Birchas HaDaas (4-9-2013)
Part 12 (4-30-2012)
Part 13- Personal Redemption (5-21-2013)
Part 14- Prayer for Health (5-28-2013)
Part 15- Prayer for Livelihood, Part 1 (6-4-2013)
Part 17- Ingathering of the Exiles – Part One (6-25-2013)Part 18- Ingathering of the exiles – Part Two (7-2-2013)
Part 20- Prayer for the Righteous (8-20-2013)
15th Bracha- Birkat David (11-5-2013)
16th Bracha- Asking G-d to Accept our Prayers (11-12-2013)
17th Bracha- Asking G-d to Restore the Temple Services (12-3-2013)
18th Bracha- Thanksgiving (12-7-2013)
Last Bracha- Grant Peace (1-7-2014)

Genesis and You!
The life of Rashi
Rashi’s methodology and the case of the missing Vovs
Genesis- Chapter 1
Genesis- Gender Roles

Free Will
The Mechanics of Free Will
Do We Really Have Free Will?
Free Will and Rosh HaShana

The Oral Law
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Kabbalah of the Soul
Near Death Experiences
After Death
Cremation vs. Burial

The Ten Commandments Series

Part 1
Part 3

The Jewish View of Suffering
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Cognitive Dissonance- Believe What You Want to Believe
Irreducible Complexity- The Unity of Torah and Science
What do we mean when we say G-d?

Destroying the Foreign gods Within Ourselves
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

The Power of Words- The Uniqueness of Man
Part 2

Shabbos (The Sabbath)
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7

Honoring Parents
Part 1
Part 3
Part 4

Matters of Life and Death
Brain Death Controversy #1
Brain Death Controversy #2
Should I sign my Donor Card?
Terminating one life to save another- Conjoined Twins
Triage- One Respirator… Two Patients
Refusing Treatment and Heroic Measures

Jewish Marriage 101
Shalom Bayis- Harmony in the Home
Secrets of the Mikveh
The “Matchmaking” Process

Jewish Business Ethics
Introduction to Jewish Business Ethics
Acquiring Good Will Through Deception
Subtle Forms of Theft

The Secret Power of the Shema
Shema 01 (12-14-2011)
Shema 02 (12-28-2011)
Shema 03 (01-03-2012)
Shema 04 (01-10-2012)
Shema 05 (01-31-2012)
Shema 06 (02-21-2012)

Adventures in Tanach
The Life of King David- Part 1 (3-13-2012)
David and BatSheba, Part 1 (5-15-2012)
David and BatSheba, Part 2 (5-22-2012)
David and BatSheba, Part 3 (5-29-2012)
Moshiach’s Murky Lineage, Part 1 (7-10-2012)
Moshiach’s Murky Lineage, Part 2 (7-17-2012)
Growing Through Psalms, Part 1 (7/24/2012)
Growing Through Psalms, Introduction (7/31/2012)
Growing Through Psalms, Part 2: Psalm 27 (9/4/2012)

L’Chaim Center Guest Speakers
Passover with Charlie Harary (3-20-2012)
L’Chaim Center 4th Spring Conference with Slovie Jungries (5-20-2012)

The Jewish Calendar
Elul 5772 (Aug. 21, 2012)
Chanukah Discussion
Purim- Battling the Amalek Inside
Purim- The Whole Megillah
The Laws of the Passover Seder
The Passover Haggadah
The Passover Haggadah- The 10 Plagues
Tisha B’Av (2007)
Kamtza u Bar Kamtza (7/25/2012)
Erev Tish B’Av on Shabbos
The High Holidays from 20,000 feet
The Challenge of Change
The Mystery of the Shofar
The Secret of the Sukkah
Tu B’Shvat- Man is a Tree (2-8-2012)

Other Topics
Witchcraft, The Devil & Miracles
Moral Independance- Learning to Think for Yourself
The Oral Tradition- Part 1
The Oral Tradition- Part 2
National Revelation- What Makes Judaism Different from ALL Other Religions?
What do Jews Mean when we say G-d?
The Mystery of the Burning Bush (Jan 10, 2012)
Jerusalem- The Heart of A Nation (3-6-2012)