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What a beautiful and busy day in Jerusalem! The weather has been outstanding and it was perfect for visiting Masada, swimming in the Dead Sea and riding camels in the desert. Seriously, can it get any better?

img_0304Jonty, our tour guide for the day, was outstanding. He shared a story about some seedlings that had been excavated from Masada. These seedlings were about 2000 years old and miraculously, one of the two seedlings grew into a tree. He compared this anecdote to the hope and perseverance of the jewish people and even into our own lives. Nothing is impossible .

Floating in the Dead Sea was remarkable. We were lucky to have Lani lead us in some yoga breathing exercises as we hung out on top of the water. It was a blast and we’ve got muddy pictures to prove it!img_0338

We’re at the point of this trip in which everyone has gotten to know everyone else and women that were strangers last week, are now sisters in this fantastic journey. As we all grow spiritually, jewishly and soulfully, we’re already planning progressive Shabbat dinners and other ways in which we can bring Israel home with us.

Tomorrow we head to the military base and get to meet with the IDF soldiers. We got to meet many of them last night at the Claman’s exquisite home for the 3rd meal of Shabbat. Their generosity and beautiful home were the backbone of this wonderful afternoon.


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Posted on: Monday, November 14th, 2016

Author: Rabbi David
About: For more and more students in the Chicago area, Rabbi David is like a personal tour guide into the world of Jewish thought. He is passionate about elucidating timeless Jewish texts to the contemporary mind and leading each student on his or her own personal spiritual journey. His inspiring and insightful teaching style, coupled with his sense of humor and warm approach, has attracted hundreds of students since he began teaching on the North Shore 12 years ago. Rabbi David and Ali have five children, and currently reside in West Rogers Park in Chicago.

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