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11/ 10/16


Exhausted, enlightened and exhilarated are the first three words that come to mind when I try to sum up my feelings about today. We’re all exhausted both emotionally and physically from our visit to Yad Vashem, Har Hertzl cemetery and of course the time we spent at the Kotel.     

Yad Vashem was powerful and incredibly moving; I pray we learn from the past so history is never repeated. Shuli gave us even more information about Hertzl and his dream for a Jewish state and showed us the beautiful graves of soldiers from the Yom Kippur war. We all learned so much. 

img_0198Although Nili’s class on prayer and how to do it with praise, request and thanks was phenomenal, nothing could prepare me for the actual moment at the Kotel. I wept like a baby as I was drawn to it like a magnetic force. Thankfully, my new friend Rita Brief was there to help me as I became braided in awe, peace and connectivity. Every Jewish person should have that moment at the wall. It was a direct line to G-d. 

Speaking of braids, we ended the night at a Challah Bake with the 400 hundred women traveling this week from JWRP. Again, Nili’s words made challah baking come to life as she gave us the symbolism of all the ingredients. Flour: hard work, Yeast: growth, Salt: criticism, Sugar: sweet, Water: life, and Oil: character. The ladies there were amazing and we had so much fun with them, especially with the women from the Ukraine that could dance like nobody’s business. The language barriers were completely erased as we shared the common goal of being the best person each of us could be. 


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Posted on: Sunday, November 13th, 2016

Author: Rabbi David
About: For more and more students in the Chicago area, Rabbi David is like a personal tour guide into the world of Jewish thought. He is passionate about elucidating timeless Jewish texts to the contemporary mind and leading each student on his or her own personal spiritual journey. His inspiring and insightful teaching style, coupled with his sense of humor and warm approach, has attracted hundreds of students since he began teaching on the North Shore 12 years ago. Rabbi David and Ali have five children, and currently reside in West Rogers Park in Chicago.

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