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Q: Is the BME meant to be an enrichment to our plans for daughter’s bat mitzvah, or a substitute?
A: For most families, the BME is only an enrichment experience, and a separate service and party is planned at a different time.

Q: Does it make sense for my daughter to join if she’s not having her bat mitzvah until a year later? What if my daughter is on the older side?
A: The BME is for all Jewish girls who are around the age of Bat Mitzvah. A little younger, a little older, it doesn’t really matter. The program is designed for girls ages 11 to 13.

Q: How much does the BME cost?
A: The BME costs $500 for the whole year, plus an additional $100 for art supplies, ingredients etc.

Q: Does my daughter need any previous background or knowledge?
A: Not at all, the BME is meant for girls of all affiliations and backgrounds. No previous knowledge is necessary, just a smile and a great attitude!

Q: What if my daughter doesn’t know anyone?
A: Not to worry! The environment of the BME brings out the best in the girls, and the feeling is warm and inclusive, where everybody counts.

Q: What can I expect my daughter to get out of the year with the BME?
A: Good friendships, positive Jewish memories, tons of personal growth and a sharper sense of her Jewish identity as she enters the world of responsible adulthood.