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Bat Mitzvah Experience



Hey moms and Jewish girls, ages 11 to 13!

Are you up for having a blast, making new friends and having great conversations about the things that really matter in your life? Then the Bat Mitzvah Experience may be the perfect thing for you!

We are now taking applications for our next round of the BME, beginning in September, 2014. No previous background or knowledge is necessary, because this program is all about unifying all Jewish girls together.

The BME empowers Jewish girls to become strong, smart and spiritual individuals who know deep down…there’s more to a Bat Mitzvah than a party!

After all, when you’re in the planning stages, it’s easy to forget that the really important stuff begins when the celebration ends! People will for sure forget what you served, what you wore and what the decorations looked like. But what YOU take away from this time of your life lasts forever … and that’s the gift of spiritual maturity.

The BME was founded in 2012 by three moms; Angie Donenberg, Tami Levy and Jewish educator and life coach Ali Begoun, three women with a love for Judaism, tween girls and a deep desire to have them get the most out of this special time of life!

Join the BME for a year’s journey of good times, yummy traditional Jewish cooking and fun projects, amazing conversations and new friendships. Learn some of the most essential principles to help guide you as you become a young Jewish adult, taking responsibility for who you are and what you do. Celebrate at the end of the year with an unforgettable celebratory dinner and ceremony with the whole group.

The BME meets one Sunday afternoon a month for two hours…for a whole year! There will always be yummy food, great ice breakers and terrific projects. But the best part by far is the girl talk where we shmooze about the life issues that matter most to you!

For most, the BME is not a substitute for the service that takes places in the synagogue, it only enriches the experience of the Bat Mitzvah year.

The cost of the BME year is $500 plus an additional $100 for art supplies and ingredients.

At every BME session, we have an amazing and heartfelt discussion about the issues that matter the most in the life of a bat-mitzvah girl. Check them out here.

To apply for the program beginning in September 2014, click here, or email Ali directly at coachwithali@sbcglobal.net or Tami at tamilevy@me.com

And last, but certainly not least… we’ll celebrate with an end-of-the year BAT MITZVAH CEREMONY. We’ll share a beautiful celebratory meal and each girl will write a short d’var Torah on one of the topics covered over the course of the BME year. Each family and their invited guests will have the pleasure of listening to the participants’ speeches and enjoy a fabulous celebration following! Mazal Tov!


Click here for application form
Click here for this year’s discussion topics
Click here for some FAQs

Do you have unanswered questions about the BME? You can email Ali or Tami directly at: coachwithali@sbcglobal.net or tamilevy@me.com