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Jewish life and learning come alive right here


“L’Chaim Center is so much more than an extraordinary destination for discovery of Jewish relevance and joy. It is a community from across the spectrum of life cycle and knowledge, that shares a love and fascination for a deep, spiritual journey. The people we have met have become powerful, affirming resources, and friends.”

– Les Lawrence, Highland Park


“Ali has a unique ability to uncover for us how the ancient wisdom held in the Torah is so thoroughly modern and relevant to the real issues women face today. Ali’s “Women in Judaism” workshop tackles the subjects we care about – marriage, child rearing, creating meaningful and spiritual homes framed in Jewish values, and finding our uniquely feminine voices in the work world and beyond – all from a Torah perspective. Contrary to what one might believe, traditional Judaism has much to say on how one can apply its teachings to sift through the confusing world we live in today and develop as confident, thoughtful, self-actualized modern Jewish women.”

– Jackie Wolle, Highland Park


“The classes L’Chaim Center offers in the Chicago suburbs have been so inspirational, I not only look forward to them, but I make them a priority on my calendar. It’s thrilling to know that timeless Jewish wisdom can be applied to modern problems and situations, and Ali and David both have the most engaging and relatable way of sharing it!”

– Lisa Hessel, Vernon Hills


“My weekly Torah learning with Rabbi David has been life changing, an oasis in the wilderness of my work week.”

– Dr. Alan Weisz, Deerfield


“Learning with Rabbi David makes the Talmud come alive! His passion and insights makes the most difficult of texts accessible and so exciting to learn.”

– Brad Miller, Highland Park


“On Friday afternoons, before I head off to spend Shabbat at the L’Chaim Center’s monthly Friday Night Live, I hurriedly race around the house to pack up a few things. I have absorbed a whole week’s worth of craziness and I know that as soon as I light candles with the amazing people who attend, I will start to feel more whole, more peaceful, and more connected. I can’t wait to hear what Ali has to say and feel the spirit of song. As the Shabbat unfolds I relax and listen and learn. I feel more and more Jewish in such a good way. By the time Havdalah comes, I can feel the difference Shabbat has made and I’m so grateful for the experience.”

– AnnMerle Feldman, Deerfield


“Ali and L’Chaim Center have added so much more meaning to my life. Ali’s teachings have taught me to look at life through a much clearer and more beautiful lens. For that I am eternally grateful.”

– Dana Spiwak, Deerfield


“The L’Chaim Center is amazing and inspiring. We have specifically been involved through Ali’s group discussions for women, The FNL event and the BME. Ali and David have touched our lives with warmth and profound insights which we use in our everyday lives. Their appeal is widespread and there is something for everyone. It has enriched our lives and our souls! “

– Angie Donenberg, Riverwoods