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About Us


Rabbi David Begoun

For more and more students in the Chicago area, Rabbi David is like a personal tour guide into the world of Jewish thought. He is passionate about elucidating the sacred Jewish texts to the contemporary mind and leading each student on his or her own  personal spiritual journey. His inspiring and insightful teaching style, coupled with his sense of humor and warm approach, has attracted hundreds of students since he began teaching on the North Shore 15 years ago. Whether you are sitting in one of his classes or at his Shabbat table, travelling with him to the land of Israel or simply sharing a conversation, you will immediately feel comfortable, connected and excited about learning more. Rabbi David and Ali have five children, and live in Chicago. Rabbi Begoun is an active member of the Milwaukee Beis Din.

Ali Begoun

Ali is a longtime Jewish educator and popular life and relationships coach. Anyone who has learned with Ali will testify to her warm and connective style and her ability to make Judaism relatable and relevant to our personal lives. Ali teaches a wide array of Jewish topics, but her primary focus is on the Jewish approach to self esteem, personal growth, women’s issues and relationships. In addition to her popular classes, Ali also offers private life coaching sessions, personal growth groups for Jewish women, a Bat Mitzvah club for girls and  fully subsidized trips to Israel. Ali and Rabbi David are the proud parents of Chana, Talia, Aryeh Leib, Eliezer and Yosef.



Judie Begoun

Simply put, Judie had made L’Chaim Center all it is today. Judie is our proud mother and even prouder “nonnie” of eight fabulous kids! Judie and her husband Alan have been behind the scenes of L’Chaim Center since its inception in 2008; planning, promoting, executing, schlepping and cleaning (with the help of some very incredible friends…). Every single person who participates in a L’Chaim Center event feels the warmth, love and inspiration the minute they walk in the door, and they’ll also talk about how smoothly the event was run. For that, we have Judie to thank!