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Archive for April, 2016

The Four Son’s – Which one am I?

For centuries, illustrators of Passover Haggadas have been doing a terrible disservice. Inevitably, when we reach the well know passage describing the Four Sons, they are depicted as four different children with distinct personalities. The Wicked Son, usually yielding some sort of weapon, resembles a gangster. The Wise Son,  hunched over an ancient text looks almost angelic, […]


What Freedom Means to Me – Reflections from Auschwitz

None of us dared complain. The Jewish prisoners didn’t have Uggs and North Face coats. They didn’t even have a pair of clean socks or hair to cover their long-past frozen over bodies. One girl in our group took off her coat, finding her own form of defiance in doing whatever she could to feel connected to the six million lost. I wasn’t sure how I felt about this.