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Men’s Israel Trip Day Two

Moments later the majority of us were standing together naked at the nearby men’s mikvah. We were ready to hit the reset button on our souls and experience the spiritual renewal of immersion in the natural waters. This was my first trip to a mikvah and proved to be very powerful and a personal highlight of my amazing day … and it was still only 3 o’clock.


JWRP Men’s Trip Day One

Jewish Women’s Renaissance Project – Momentum Men’s Trip June 2015   Day One – by David Stone – L’Chaim Center Participant   Day One was “Awesome” – Those that know me, may be thinking that doesn’t sound like me or how can this trip already be “Awesome”. You would be right, it isn’t like me […]


What I learned from my 99 year-old grandmother

She was born in the middle of the First World War, in a city that was just starting to build its first skyscrapers. Early automobiles were just starting to appear on the streets and the telephone had only recently become a common convenience. Over the next 99 years, change would come at an ever-increasing rate.


Pathways to Mussar

A Jewish Approach to Spirituality and Growth-Oriented Living

Designed with the beginner in mind, this course is for anyone who wants to cultivate a deeper sense of Jewish spirituality and self development in the midst of day-to-day living.