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Archive for May, 2014

Bar and Bat Mitzvahs: What’s the Point?

What are million dollar bar and bat mitzvah’s teaching our children? The bar and bat mitzvah is an incredible opportunity to shape a love and appreciation for Judaism as our children enter into Jewish adulthood. But that opportunity will only exist if we are modelling it in our own lives.


Studies in the Book of Exodus

Join Ali as she continues her weekly class in the Book of Exodus for men and women. Classes will be held every Tuesday morning and will run from September to June.

Ali will be taking text from each portion to convey a contemporary insight into leading a more enriched life. Source sheets will be included to give participants a solid taste of text throughout the course.


The 5 Rules of Technology | Keeping Kids Safe and Sane in a Digital World

Parents who have clarified their values and work together as a united front to set healthy limits will not cave in to any form of pressure. Read this blog for the 5 Rules Of Technology For Children.